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Please browse my feedback & be assured of quality work & attentive customer service.

LEANNE S Date: August 2013

Praise: AMAZING work, so excited! 

GEM M Date: August 2013

Praise: They all look so lovely, really gorgeous! 

MAL S Date: August 2013

Praise: It's just perfect, I love it. Thanks so much, Cath.

KATE O Date: June 2013

Praise: In love!!!

LISA C Date: June 2013

Praise: Oh my, oh my! It's beyond gorgeous! So happy with it! The colour is perfect! I loooovvvvvee it!

ANNE J Date: June 2013

Praise: Oh, my life! It's just spectacular, I love it! Thanks so much.

CATRIONA S Date: June 2013

Praise: Thank you so much!! I am in love with the table & chairs! You are so talented!!!!!

I will send you pictures very soon!

I'm sure we will be doing business again!!

ELIZABETH E Date: June 2013

Praise: Love my Cath Mellor Vintage corner cabinet! Great delivery service too!

  BILLIE D Date: June 2013

Praise: Am so pleased to be supporting a small business & starting my CMV collection

GEORGINA N Date: June 2013

Praise: I am a CMV addict & LOVE this woman's work!

VICTORIA D Date: May 2013

Praise: Loving my glam dining table & amazing chairs!

COLETTE D Date: May 2013

Praise: Blue corner cabinet is a stunner! 

HILARY J Date: May 2013

Praise: Love my cabinet, my latest Cath Mellor Vintage morsel!

JANE G Date: May 2013

Praise: Love, love LOVE!!!

MELISSA W Date: April 2013

Praise: Cath Mellor Vintage is a must ...amazing furniture with a personal touch, really gives your home a big old smile! SO pretty & worth every penny. I get good vibes from having your work in my feeling the love! Thanks, Cath! 

CLAIRE M Date: April 2013

Praise: The desk is perfect, Cath.

MELISSA W Date: April 2013

Praise: Oh, it's gorgeous, a little beauty!

GEORGINA N Date: April 2013

Praise: Tallboy is a beauty, my boys love it!

AMY F Date: April 2013

Praise: Loving the drawers!

MELISSA W Date: April 2013

Praise: I am made up with my chests of drawers, they are gorgeous!

AMANDA M Date: March 2013

Praise: My chair looks beautiful in the corner of my bedroom, the colours are perfect.

DAISY L Date: March 2013

Praise: Thank you so much for my beautiful table and chairs!

LAURA D Date: March 2013

Praise: I love my dressing table stool!

COLETTE D Date: March 2013

Praise: My boys love their large red chest of drawers!

CLAIRE M Date: March 2013

Praise: My chair is beautiful and goes perfectly with my dressing table from you!

HILARY J Date: March 2013

Praise: OMG! J'adore! Chair is exquisite!

EMMA G Date: March 2013

Praise: I love my dressing table! And my little boy's wardrobe makes my CMV collection total five pieces now!

CLAIRE M Date: March 2013

Praise: Just what I was looking for! My vintage dressing table looks beautiful in my bay window!



Praise: My chairs are stunning!

COLETTE D Date: February


Praise: Love, love, love my pieces. Loving my nursing chair too, all total works of art, wonderful & a pleasure to look at. Thank you, Cath xx

ANNE C Date: February 2013

Praise: Made up with both my chairs!

JENNIE M Date: January 2013

Praise: I've now had all my furniture back from Cath Mellor Vintage & it looks absolutely fabulous. I can't believe it's the same furniture. It fits perfectly in The Wedding Lounge! Thank you, Cath!

JANE V Date: January 2013

Praise: I love my chair, it's perfect! I love my new lamp table, bed & dining table & chairs too!

OLGA D Date: January 2013

Praise: Thank you!

TRACEY J Date: January 2013

Praise: Good work from you, Cath!

KATE ODate: January 2013

Praise: Thank you, I love it!

MINXY G Date: January 2013

Praise: It's fantastic & my daughter loves it! Will be back for wardrobes & chest of drawers!

CHE S Date: December 2012

Praise: The "blue bon bon" is to die for! My kitchen table & six candy coloured chairs are divine! Thank you so much!!

JENNIE M Date: December 2012

Praise: Beautiful work at great prices. Farrow & Ball paint with fabulous reupholstery. My chair will be putting in an appearance at The Wedding Lounge! I'll be back!

CHE S Date: October 2012

Praise: Today is one of the BEST days ever!! My boys now have an entire CMV duck egg blue bedroom suite comprising of two fabulous bed frames, two gentlemen's wardrobes, a tallboy to go with their double desk & matching chairs!! Absolutely scrumptious, so many of my friends have commented on Cath's fine work. Once again, CMV is taking pride of place in my be cherished for years to come, as is Lady Cath xxx  

CHE S Date: August 2012

Praise: As ever, I can't be but best pleased with my purchases from the lovely Lady Cath. She has sourced so many fine pieces for my new home & I'm now in possession of a fabulous vintage double school desk & chairs, along with a complete bedroom suite for my boys, as well as for both of my daughters. Her workmanship is so lovingly applied to every piece she puts up for sale that I'm thoroughly addicted & have commissioned many further pieces for my kitchen! Well done, Cath! You have a special place in my family's home! xxx

GEORGINA N Date: July 2012

Praise: My chest of drawers is looking mighty fabulous, darling! LOVE all my bedroom pieces & Sav's dressing table, the boys' desks & all the pieces downstairs too. Table, chairs & dresser great!

VICTORIA D Date: July, 2012

Praise:Just purchased my 5th piece from CMV; my fabulous dresser, done as a commission. It is, once again, amazing. My room will look just like the CMV showroom at this rate! Eyeing up more wonderful pieces as I was collecting. Thank you again, Cath, it is a pleasure, as always.

JOANNA H M Date: June, 2012

Praise: OMG! I LOVE my furniture, will send you pics soon when the room is sorted out!

PENELOPE H Date: June, 2012

Praise: Stool is perfect, so pretty, thank you so much!

TRACEY J Date: June, 2012

Praise: Cath, I love my dresser, it is amazing, will send you photos soon when I have finished decorating the room!

CHE S Date: June 2012

Praise: The desks look fabulous!

LAURA S W Date: June, 2012

Praise: I'm actually in love with my furniture!

LISA L W Date: June, 2012

Praise: I'm loving my tray, thank you!

CHE S Date: May, 2012

Praise: My daughter thanks you! Her face was a picture!

LISA L W Date: May, 2012

Praise: My firescreen looks fab! Picture soon!

ALEXANDRA O Date: May, 2012

Praise: My beautiful pink double school desks have arrived, they're gorgeous! Photos soon for you. Thanks, Cath!

GEORGINA N Date: April, 2012

Praise: Beautiful, I love it, I love it, I LOVE IT ALL!! Can't wait to bring it all home!!

MARK S Date: March, 2012

Praise: A lovely piece, thank you, Cath!

GEORGINA N Date: March, 2012

Praise: Loving my laundry basket, it fits perfectly!

NICOLA M Date: March, 2012

Praise: It really does look lovely!

CHE S Date: March, 2012

Praise: I couldn't be happier with the pieces I've purchased so far; the beautiful rocking chair & blanket chest. Now my sitting room is also adorned with two spectacular off white chests & guests are commenting left, right & centre! Fabulous, can't wait for my next pieces from CMV! Cath Mellor Vintage is THE new addiction to have.

SHELLEY P Date: March, 2012

Praise: I am delighted with my dressing table, it looks fantastic, thank you.

SARAH P Date: March, 2012

Praise: Just wanted to say a massive thank you for my chair, it looks fabulous with my table from you!

CAROLINE T Date: February, 2012

Praise: I love the desk, it's perfect!

COLETTE D Date: February, 2012

Praise: Thank you for the beautiful pieces that have made my house a home & also, for the wonderful customer service.

EMMA C Date: February, 2012

Praise: SO pleased!!

STEPHANIE B Date: February, 2012

Praise: I love your work, it's really beautiful.

SIOBHAN M Date: January, 2012

Praise: Just wanted to say I love your work & can't wait to see some of it Becnick's Wonder Emporium soon!

JENNIFER D Date: December, 2011

Praise: I love my gorgeous vintage table!

ANNE C Date: December, 2011

Praise: The footstool is really lovely, Cath.

STEPHANIE E Date: November, 2011

Praise: Well, it's every bit as lovely as I had hoped & the chairs look even better than the photographs. I'm really pleased, AGAIN! Thank you, I will take pictures for you when in situ.

VICTORIA D Date: October, 2011

Praise: Just collected my wicker chair today to go with my footstool from CMV! Goes amazingly well! Love my furniture, love my visits to CMV & our chats! I will be back for more furniture!

HAWA N Date: October, 2011

Praise: Furniture looks amazing! Very happy with the purchases! Very, very good work, thank you. Will send you pics asap!

NATASHA A Date: October, 2011

Praise: It looks wonderful! Thank you!

PENELOPE H Date: September, 2011

Praise: So many lovely things I have now

RACHAEL I Date: September, 2011

Praise: The stool is gorgeous, my little boy loves it & it looks cool in our bathroom! Thanks so much!

THE PACKING FAIRY Date: September, 2011

Praise: Thanks Cath - these are just what our new house needed!! The burlesque ladies have gone down very well with my husband!

KELLY M Date: May, 2011

Praise: I just wanted to let you know the items have arrived & they are perfect!!! I love them, you have done such a great job!

SARAH R Date: May, 2011

Praise: A dream come true after 30 years of wanting one, thanks SOOOO much!

GEORGIA S Date: March, 2011

Praise: LOVE it! Thanks so, so much!!

STEPHANIE E Date: March, 2011

Praise: Oh my God, Cath, it's absolutely stunning! Lovely seller, great comms & delivery, thank you so much.

COCO F Date: February, 2011

Praise: Its all here & it looks amazing! Thanks soooooooo much! Fantastic! Cath is so sweet & helpful. The desk is stunning & so affordable! Highly recommended.

SMUDGIEPANTS Date: February, 2011

Praise: Gorgeous item & a lovely friendly seller ! Many thanks!

MUSEFAN1984 Date: January, 2011

Praise: Brilliant item, would recommend to anybody. Great transaction.

8525ANNE Date: January, 2011

Praise: Perfect transaction as always, love your beautiful furniture, recommended to all.

EMMA B Date: December, 2010

Praise: A pleasure to work with.

TIGER2LISA Date: November, 2010

Praise: Beautiful, thankyou.

TIGER2LISA Date: November, 2010

Praise: Beautiful, my mum loves it. Thank you

NO_CAFFEINE Date: October, 2010

Praise: They are lovely, thank you x

AMY M Date: October, 2010

Praise: Excellent communication. Unique customer service & beautiful furniture! Thanks x

KUSTIEPAWS Date: October, 2010

Praise: Lovely item as described, very helpful with collection, fast good comms. Thanks.

SARAH M Date: September, 2010

Praise: Great communication, fantastic product- even better than I expected! Thanks!

KATHY H Date: September, 2010

Praise: Fabulous item & brilliant service, kept me informed all the way & the courier was a gem.

EMMA S Date: September, 2010

Praise: A lovely wardrobe & seller. Very helpful.

SUNDAZEVE Date: September, 2010

Praise: It was a pleasure to buy from such a lovely person. Thanks Cath, top marks!

LULABLUE22 Date: September, 2010

Praise: Beautiful item, good communication, great seller.

PHIL B Date: August, 2010

Praise: Great furniture.

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